Chicanx Caucus

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Chicanx Caucus
Founded: 1977
Recognition: ABC
Membership: Hundreds
Executive Board: 2015
Lucia Hernandez, Co-Chair
Martin Pérez Colón, Co-Chair
Diego Delgado, Treasurer
María Fernanda Martínez, Secretary
Cora Cervantes, Political Chair
Sam Mateo, Community Chair
Kimberly Meza, Cultural Chair
Patricia Pou Jové, Educational Opportunities Chair
Erika Soto, Media Relations Chair
Lorenzo Orozco, Gender & Sexuality Chair
Alma Pérez Verdugo, Social Chair
America Garza, East Coast Chicano Student Forum Representative
Paulina Vázquez, East Coast Chicano Student Forum Representative
Category: Cultural, ABC Groups

Chicanx Caucus (formerly Chicano Caucus) is a cultural club for Mexican and Mexican-American students (as well as allies of all backgrounds). The organization was founded in 1977 and is one of the largest and most prominent Latinx groups on campus.

While originally called Chicano Caucus, in December 2014 members voted to replace the "o" with an "x" to reflect inclusion of all gender identities.


Chicanx Caucus' two main events are Cinco de Mayo and Quinceañer@. Both events seek to both celebrate and rethink Mexican-American identity and traditions on campus.

Caucus also partners with Masa, a Bronx-based education and advocacy organization primarily working with Mexican-Americans; Caucus members usually participate by tutoring.


In 2006, Chicanx Caucus came under spotlight when several of its members rushed the stage at a Minutemen presentation, though the members stated that their actions were not connected with the group.

In 2014, Caucus released a statement condemning Theta for dressing up as Mexicans at a Beer Olympics party; the next day, Bwog posted photos of Chicanx Caucus members with stereotypically photo cutouts at a Glass House Rocks event [1].

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