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Flyering is a very cheap, effective way to publicize events or clubs on campus.


If you're printing your own flyers, your quota refreshes Saturday night at midnight, so you can use all your remaining pages that night to maximize the flyers you'll have.

Alternatively, black and white flyers can be made at Village Copier for around $.10/page, also available on crazy bright colored paper.


Flyers are cleared regularly, so it's essential to choose carefully where you put your flyers to maximize walk by traffic and post time. Here are the clear rates for the most common flyer locations:

Outdoor places Clear rate
Building walls As soon as maintenance workers see them
Circle structure outside 212 Each morning
Butler scaffolding Each morning
Bulletin boards Each morning
Unwitting students As soon as they hear the paper crinkle
Residence halls Clear rate
Elevator doors As soon as maintenance workers see them
Walls surrounding elevators Daily
Lobby areas Daily
Bulletin boards Weekly (Monday mornings)
Stairwells Varies, can be up anywhere from 1 week (usually the following Monday) to a couple months depending on the building
Bathroom stalls Varies, can be from 1 day to several weeks
Hamilton Hall Clear rate
Stairwell bulletin boards Weekly (Mondays mornings)
Stairwell walls Daily
Classrooms Nightly