Housing factors

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The main factor in deciding where you want to live should be the people. Otherwise, here are some factors to consider.

Room features

  • Size. Check out the floor plans of the various residence halls.
  • Quality of lighting.
  • Windows, ventilation, heating, air conditioning.

Residence hall location

  • Distance to campus. 47 Claremont is far away and Plimpton is very far away.
  • 116th and Claremont is a very windy intersection, which makes the long walk to campus from 47 Claremont even more miserable in winter months.

Social life, proximity to friends

  • If you like to throw parties, you need a suite.
  • East Campus is probably the most social residence hall, with lots of parties.
  • Residence halls typically full of sophomores: McBain, East Campus exclusion suites
  • Residence halls typically full of juniors: Wien, Schapiro
  • Residence halls typically full of seniors: Hogan, Broadway, Watt, East Campus

Suite/floor facilities

  • Person-to-bathroom ratio.
  • Wien doesn't have floor kitchens.
  • Dishwashers are worth having because they save you time and keep your suite's kitchen tidy. There are dishwashers in East Campus, Broadway and Hogan.
  • The hot water takes a while to heat up in the morning in some buildings like Schapiro and 47 Claremont.

Building facilities

  • Number and speed of elevators.
  • Building lounges.
  • Location of washing machines.