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John W. Kluge
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John W. Kluge CC '37 was a mass-media mogul. Already a big donor to Columbia, on April 11, 2007, he became the biggest donor in the history of the University, after giving $400 million to $600 million for financial aid.[1]The exact amount depends on the value of Kluge's estate, as assets like his Palm Beach estate must be sold by the university. Take that, Jerome L. Greene!

If there's one thing Kluge liked doing, it was giving money to Columbia. In 1987 he donated $25 million to finish off the second Campaign for Columbia.[2] Kluge then upped the ante with a $60 million gift for the Kluge Scholars Program during the third capital campaign in the early 1990s. Not satisfied yet, Kluge delivered the big whopper with his massive financial aid donation in 2007. Kluge died on September 7, 2010 at 95.

He is a winner of the John Jay Award (1982) and the Alexander Hamilton Medal.