Campaign for Columbia (1982)

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The second Campaign for Columbia was launched by President Michael Sovern in November of 1982 with a goal of $400 million with an end date of February 1988.

Sovern was heavily involved in the fund raising effort. Efforts were kicked off with a $10 million gift from Averell Harriman and his wife to establish the W. Averell Harriman Institute for the Advanced Study of the Soviet Union, the largest gift in university history at the time.

In June of 1985, with fund raising going better than expected, the campaign raised it's goal to $500 million in the same amount of time. In May of 1987 Sovern announced a record-setting $25 million dollar gift from John Kluge, meeting the campaign goal 8 months early.

By the time the campaign was complete, more than $600 million dollars had been raised.

Preceded by
Campaign for Columbia (1966)
University Capital Campaign 
Succeeded by
Campaign for Columbia (1990)