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The third Campaign for Columbia was actually two sucessive 5-year capital campaigns with respective goals of $1.15 billion and $1.05 billion launched during in 1990 during Michael Sovern's tenure as president, and spearheaded by George Rupp after Sovern's retirement.

Phase I

The campaign was originally launched in 1990 with $393 million already pledged during the drive's "silent phase." It reached it's original goal by February of 1995, 10 months ahead of it's December 31st goal.

Major gifts included John Kluge's $60 million for minority scholarships, and $25 million for faculty development; Morris A. Schapiro's $10 million for Schapiro CEPSR; and artist LeRoy Neiman's $6 million gift to the School of the Arts

Phase II

David Stern, Alfred Lerner, Lionel Pincus, Jerry Speyer, and George Rupp at the 1995 Campaign for Columbia dinner

On December 1, 1995 Rupp announced at a campaign dinner that a new total goal of $2.2 billion had been set for December, 2000. The new drive was kicked off at the dinner with announcements of Alfred Lerner (CC'55)'s pledge of $25 million for a new student center, and Jerry Speyer (CC'62 B'64) and Lionel Pincus (B'56), co-chairmen of the University Trustees, each pledging $10 million.

Rupp noted that the extension of the drive was incredibly ambitious since it was being done without the head start afforded to the first phase with a "silent period."

Nevertheless, the drive ended with over $2.8 billion raised.

While the overall goal was easily surpassed, individual school goals were not all met as indicated in a report made to the executive committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which noted that goals for endowed professorships and graduate financial aid were badly missed.

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