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The LLC tunnel system is a passageway connecting John Jay Hall to Hamilton Hall, passing under Hartley Hall and Wallach Hall. It is more aptly described as a connected basement than a true tunnel. It is a rather bland, clean, well-lit hallway with offshoots to stairs leading up to Hartley and Wallach. The Hartley laundry room is also accessible from this area.

Entry points

There are a number of ways to reach this system, all of which require a CUID except for the JJ's Place.

  • The easiest entry point begins at the John Jay lobby. Swipe in at the Security desk, and head down via the stairs to the basement, where the laundry room is. Before you hit the John Jay laundry room, the passageway is to your left, through a large door. It is always accessible, and is indeed used by maintenance relatively frequently during working hours.
  • You can also take the fire exit at JJ's Place, but this is not the conventional entry way. Last time it was checked, the door was not actually alarmed.
  • Entering via Hartley and Wallach is possible as well, by simply swiping in and heading to their respective basements.

Other points of interest

  • The north end of this system (underneath Hamilton) is locked by a short, 4-foot-tall mag-locked steel door. It has been continually locked since 1997 at least, with no way to bypass it. The purpose of this door is to prevent unlawful entry to the student dorms via Hamilton (i.e., gaining access without having to swipe in). Near this door are other, normal-sized doors, used for custodial storage. Occasionally they may be open, although not much of interest can be found within them.
  • The south end of this system (underneath John Jay) has a continually-locked connection to Butler Library, although the location of the connecting door is unclear. Again, the purpose is to prevent enterprising "liberators" from taking books without going through Butler's main entrance.