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Millicent Carey McIntosh (Nov. 30, 1898 – Jan. 3, 2001) served as Barnard College's fourth head, from November 1947 to 1962. She was the first to style herself as the "President" of Barnard. Her three predecessors had taken the title of "Dean."

Known affectionately as "Mrs. Mac", McIntosh is widely regarded one of the most successful presidents of Barnard. Under her leadership, Barnard saw a substantial growth in endowment and facilities including the construction of the Barnard Library at Lehman Hall in 1959 and Reid Hall in 1961. McIntosh is credited with having successfully turned Barnard into a relatively autonomous school through her policies. This can be partially credited to the lack of strong authority at Columbia, which lacked a strong executive presence for the 40 years between Butler's semi-senility and the post-68 protest years.

The demolished Barnard student center was named after her. In order to continue honoring McIntosh, the entry plaza of The Diana was named for her.

Preceded by
Virginia Gildersleeve
President of Barnard College 
Succeeded by
Rosemary Park

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