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Orhan Pamuk is a Nobel Prize-winning Turkish novelist. He is somehow affiliated with the university's Committee on Global Thought, and co-teaches classes with Andreas Huyssen and David Damrosch. Apparently attached to MEALAC, he has been given an office in Schermerhorn Hall.

Pamuk's positions at Columbia evolved from his asylum at the university in Fall 2006 during the attempt to prosecute him for "insulting Turkishness" in his native country. While he was staying here, he was awarded the Nobel. During this period, he also spent time composing his newest novel, in Deutsches Haus.

Pamuk had, in fact, been a presence on campus earlier, in the mid-1980s. He was authoring a novel in Butler Library while his now ex-wife was a grad student.

He is currently dating writer and School of the Arts alum Kiran Desai.