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Roosevelt Montas

Dr. Roosevelt Montás '95CC, '96, '04GSAS has been the Associate Dean for the Core Curriculum or "Director of the Core" since 2008. Montás also teaches in the English Department, from which he earned his PhD, as well as the American Studies Program. He also teaches Literature Humanities each year and serves on several academic committees, such as the Committee on Instruction and the Committee on the Core Curriculum. Although Montás is no longer an active university senator, he still serves as a non-Senator member of the Senate's Education Committee.

He grew up in the Dominican Republic and Queens, and describes himself as "one of those people who's never left".

When Major Cultures was introduced to the Core, he told the New York Sun, ""[T]he idea that a core curriculum ought to be representative based on the way that, say, Congress is representative, that it should be demographically representative, that's just apples and oranges," he said. "The core curriculum represents and embodies the most important ideas that have shaped the institutions and values of our culture. And it ought to represent those ideas."

In 2011, he chaired the University Senate Task Force on the ROTC[1].

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