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Main level of the Science and Engineering Library. Additional study space and stacks are located on the upper level

The Science & Engineering Library is the newest library on campus, having opened in 2011 in the Northwest Corner Building. The library primarily focuses on research support in natural sciences and engineering. It's not to be confused with the Monell Engineering Library in Mudd.

The library is known as a great study space, as it has individual desks with flatscreen monitors, cubicle-esque spaces with benches for working in groups, powerful computers with multiple monitors, copious outlets, WiFi and ethernet jacks readily available. During the day, large windows let in an abundance of natural light and provide a great view of Barnard. At night, the library is illuminated by white lights that have an almost sterile quality to them, guaranteeing that one will not fall asleep completing homework. To top it all off, a prime location near many buildings where classes are held makes this library the ideal spot for finishing up work in between lectures.

The first floor is a collaborative space where talking is encouraged while the second and third floors are quiet areas with mostly individual seating. A lesser-known study spot is an area located next to the staircase leading to the second floor of the library, which contains a couple of small sofa chairs perfect for completing long reading assignments and taking naps. The library is considered "a library for the 21st century" because it houses very few books. One floor down in the Northwest Corner Building is the popular cafe Joe the Art of Coffee, although only spill-proof drinks are allowed in.

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