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Stan Kasten Law '?? was formerly the president of the hapless Washington Nationals.

Kasten has long been associated with professional sports in Atlanta, GA; in 1979, at age 27 he became the youngest general manager of an NBA team when he was appointed GM of the Atlanta Hawks. He held this position until 1990. In 1986 he became president of both the Hawks and the Atlanta Braves. When the NHL awarded Atlanta with an expansion franchise in the Thrashers in 1999, Kasten became the president of that franchise as well. In 2003 he cut all ties with Atlanta and moved to Washington, DC to take over the Nationals. He resigned as president of the Nationals in 2010, possibly in order to being prepare for becoming MLB commissioner after Bud Selig in 2012.[1]

Kasten went to Rutgers as an undergraduate. While he was at the Law School, he resided in John Jay Hall.