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Columbia has had its share of suicides like most other elite institutions of higher learning (but unlike NYU, which has had far more).

If you or someone you know has made even a passing remark about suicide, it is suggested to contact Health Services immediately.

Partial list of suicides

This list is very incomplete since major media outlets, for the most part, stopped reporting on college suicides during the 1960s.

Date Person Position Notes
October 4, 1898 Henry E. McDermott Assistant Professor of Chemistry Prussic acid
November 11, 1901 Richard Mayo Smith Professor of Political Economy Jumped; possible accident.
February 21, 1902 Isaac N. Henderson PhD Candidate Self-inflicted gunshot
January 27, 1906 William N. Van Reypen Jr. Law School student Self-inflicted gunshot
February 27, 1906 Ralph C.B. Moore Student Drowning
January 23, 1907 Lathrop Smith Law School student Self-inflicted gunshot
November 16, 1907 Lucien M. Underwood Professor of Botany Slit throat
December 5, 1914 Robert H. Jones Student Self-inflicted gunshot
August 8, 1919 John Hipp Student Multiple: slit wrist, throat, and jumped
October 16, 1921 Dorothy Wilson Student Jumped under train at 125th Street New York Central / Metro North
August 28, 1924 Francis E. Brooks Professor of French Hanging
March 9, 1925 Henry Mead Student Jumped from sixth floor of Hartley
March 14, 1926 Walton White Student Hanging
September 21, 1927 Oscar Petty Professor of Linguistics Drowning
May 13, 1928 Rollin F. Lewis Student Hanging
May 23, 1928 David Halfant PhD Candidate in Economics Self-inflicted gunshot
June 7, 1929 Russell G. Smith Professor of Sociology Jumped
March 9, 1930 Louis Finkelstein Law School student Jumped
May 11, 1933 Edgar F. Grossman PhD Candidate in Philosophy Self-inflicted gunshot
June 16, 1937 Fred Lester Acer Student Lethal dose of sleeping medication
October 21, 1939 Robert E. Chaddock Professor of Statistics Jumped
April 13, 1941 Marvin Krueger Assistant Professor of Education Gas
September 11, 1941 Rudolf Schoenheimer Professor of Biological Chemistry Toxic acid
May 3, 1942 Marion Ellis Student Gas
January 15, 1948 Habeeb Ahmed Faruqi Teachers College student Jumped from ninth floor of Furnald
October 5, 1951 Dorothy Bordes Student Hanging
October 20, 1953 Edward R. Fenn Student Self-inflicted gunshot
July 21, 1954 Madeline Jean Sommers Summer student Fire
January 3, 1955 Lawrence Goldsmith Jr. Student Sedative overdose
April 28, 1958 Frank William Ritchie Jr. General Studies student Self-inflicted gunshot
April 17, 1960 Michael Bogost Student Potassium cyanide
November 26, 1961 Richard Kulick Dental School student Self-inflicted gunshot
May 4, 1965 Deborah Daniels Teachers College student Jumped
November 25, 1968 Christine Gallant Librarian Sleeping pill overdose drowned in bathtub
February 18, 1974 Hsio Min Feng Professor of Chinese Jumped in front of subway in Queens
September 24, 1988 Jonathan A. Spohn Student Jumped or fell from fourteenth floor of John Jay; death may have been accidental.
August 20, 1991 Myeng Soek Oh SEAS student Jumped from the window of his sixth floor apartment after learning he had flunked out.
September 20, 1998 Shirley Yoon Student Jumped from twentieth floor of East Campus
September 21, 1998 Darren Pascual Student Hanging
March 24, 2000 Brian Malmon Student Suicide while on leave
April 20, 2000 Puneet Bhandari Student Train collision
December 6, 2000 Andrea Melendez Student Jumped off stairwell in McBain
November 9, 2001 Nick Kemnitzer Student Jumped from East Campus apartment
December 13, 2003 Fraser Lunan Student Suicide while on leave
May 7, 2006 Richard Ng SEAS student Jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge
September 23, 2008 Petrus Schaesberg Adjunct Professor Jumped from building
January 31, 2009 Eric Harms SEAS student Hanging in bathroom of Hartley
October 23, 2011 Tian Bu CC student Hanging in bedroom on third floor of River
August 27, 2012 Martha Corey-Ochoa CC student Jumped from fourteenth floor of John Jay the night she moved in
January 24, 2013 Tejraj Antooa SEAS student on leave Unknown, in his family home on Long Island[1]