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Angry Cell Phone Guy posing for the camera.

Don Alfredo Puyol Farrington Valcarcel Zaragoza (b, 1981), GS '05, became famous as the Crazy Cell Phone Guy or the Angry Cell Phone Guy. He is usually known as Valcarcel or Zaragoza. Some believe that Zaragoza has also referred to himself as "Sir Azancot Chocrón", a student from London, UK.[1] And on Yahoo!, he is user "buho618".[2] According to Zaragoza, he has never referred to himself in such a way, nor does he have a Yahoo account.

Zaragoza is from Madrid, Spain - both by residence and by birth - as indicated on his long birth certificate. He is a Presbyterian Protestant and has been so his entire life.

Political views

Zaragoza is known for his conservative - some would say fascist - views. He is interested in immigration issues, such as immigration policy, anti-immigration initiatives, illegal immigration, border control, refugees, multiculturalism, Islam, xenophobia, and human trafficking.

Some believe that Zaragoza is/was a prominent member of the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista and a supporter of José Antonio Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco. Zaragoza denies such claims.

Zaragoza, however, seems to have distanced himself from such views, and now claims to be "a classical liberal in the Adam Smith sense".

American Nationalist Movement

Prior to his time at Columbia University, Alfredo has been associated with Richard Barrett's American Nationalist Movement while studying pre-law and political science at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ.[3] When a photo of him appeared in a rogues gallery of Nationalist movement members, run by an Indymedia member, he offered to hand information on the movement over to Indymedia in exchange for its removal. This may have had something to do with his leaving the movement in disgrace.[4]

Zaragoza admits that he participated in an American Nationalist Movement in 2000, but denies ever having been a member. According to Zaragoza, he participated in the rally because it was against "affirmative action", to which he is strongly opposed, and because at the time he did not think carefully about his decisions and wanted to make his views heard in the US in any way possible.

Activities at Columbia

While at Columbia University, Alfredo Zaragoza was active in the organization, Students United For America (formerly Students United For Victory), working with MilVets vice president emeritus, Eric Chen on bringing ROTC back to the Columbia Campus.

He also made it a personal agenda item to remove the "leftist" element from Columbia, targeting the Columbia Student Solidarity Network (CSSN) and its member organizations; International Socialist Organization, Columbia Students Against Sweatshops, etc, citing the organization as a threat to free speech.

Towards the end of his Columbia University career, Zaragoza began an email campaign to have Columbia professors removed from their teaching positions for communicating representations of Franco's Spain that were hostile towards his view of Spanish history. He has also on numerous occasions threatened students on the Columbia social networking site CampusNetwork with legal action; the charges including libel and internet defamation. Legal threats were emailed to students from a Hotmail account which served as Zaragoza's legal outlet for the Madrid Ministerio de Justicia.

Speaker at an SOS event

Zaragoza was also featured as a panel speaker at a a Students United for Victory (SUV) event supporting the reinstatement of ROTC. Satirical group Students for an Orwellian Society produced a brochure for the event[5][6], excerpted below:

Students for an Orwellian Society is especially pleased to note the presence on today's panel of Mr. Alfred Zaragoza, who has made some truly impressive contributions towards the bringing about of an Ingsoc society. Mr. Zargaoza has been involved with the “Nationalist Movement,” which advocates, among many other things, quarantines of HIV+ people, racial preferencing in immigration to keep out non-whites, the abolition of the Civil Rights Acts and the Voting Rights Act, racial profiling in police work, and militias to prevent undocumented immigrants. It claims the anti-Semite Henry Ford, segregationist Paul B. Johnson, and rabid anti-communist Joeseph McCarthy as its spiritual antecedents. More information on this group is available at its own website, SOS especially notes Mr. Zaragoza's previous public statement that Rev. Jerry Falwell is "too compromising about the Bible, especially about keeping nationalities separate and bloodlines pure".[7] The counter-Ingsoc group Anti-Racist Action has targeted Mr. Zargaoza on its website.[8]

Angry Cell Phone Guy

Zaragoza roamed the Columbia Campus several years ago pretending to be talking to people on his cell phone. He would yell orders down the phone like "You're fired!" One day he was standing outside Butler doing his stunt when his phone started ringing. From this day forth, he was ridiculed at large. The Fed wrote an article about him.

According to Zaragoza, he did indeed use his mobile phone "excessively" because at the time he was working for NYC Parks & Recreation as an intern and was under stress to complete projects. Zaragoza says that there were times when he "exploded" due to such stress.

Zaragoza also claims that the "you're fired" element is totally unrelated and has to do with the fact that he was rehearsing for a video/recording for Spaniards about American corporate practices - such as how in the US it is easier to fire someone than in most of Europe.


He was also an active participant in and major factor in the destruction of CampusNetwork. Some have characterized him as a "troll" for his depraved and prolific contributions to the site. Zaragoza's username was "valcarcel" and he mostly posted articles about Spain, immigrants, fascism, and white supremacism.

Zaragoza admits he was "perhaps a bit aggressive" on the site - "it is my style to be very direct when discussing important political issues".

Law school

Upon graduating from Columbia, Zaragoza worked at the Secretaría y Dirección General de Estudios de Seguridad Y Derecho, then he went to law school. However, he seems to have flunked out.[9] Zaragoza claims he did not flunk out of law school.

Current activities

Valcarcel has recently re-surfaced on Facebook, and it appears that he has dyed his hair blond.[10] According to Zaragoza, he dyed his hair because of a costume party in a theatre.

He resurfaced in March, 2008 as blogger Valcarcel at the site "Destapando La Hipocresía De La Progresía" (Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Progressives.)[11] According to some readers of the site, he has claimed to be writing a book about his "political success at Columbia University." However, Zaragoza has since clarified that his book will be about his "experiences at Columbia in politics" and his "career success (for a foreigner) in New York City".

Zaragoza claims to be currently working in Spain as a Constitutional Law scholar, and own his own academy to prepare students in Spain who wish to study law in the United States. Zaragoza provides these students with LSAT preparation as well as classes in American Constitutional Law.

Lastly, it should also be noted that Zaragoza is the founder and president of Observatorio de la Justicia Española (OJE), a legal think tank dedicated to the observation of Spain's justice system in order to ensure constitutional rigor and equal rights for all people, regardless of their political affiliation. Zaragoza just opened the association this January and expects to have a website in a few weeks.



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