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The CC Coursewide Lecture is a program started by Columbia College Dean Austin Quigley in 1999. Each semester all the sections of Contemporary Civilization gather to hear a lecture from a distinguished scholar. Attendance is at the discretion of each section leader, and therefore ranges from sporadic to embarrassingly poor.

Past Lecturers

Semester Lecturer Institution Speech
Fall 2007 Daniel Boyarin UC-Berkeley
Spring 2007 Uday Mehta Amherst College Freedom, Violence and the Ruling of Others
Fall 2006 Vaclav Havel Czechoslovakia Untitled
Spring 2006
Fall 2005 Martha Nussbaum University of Chicago "The Neglect of Hellenistic Philosophy and Why It Is A Bad Thing"
Spring 2005 K. Anthony Appiah Princeton University "The Problem of the Twenty-First Century: Du Bois and Cosmopolitanism"
Fall 2004 Elaine Pagels Princeton University "The Newly Discovered Gospel of Thomas Challenges the Cannon"
Spring 2004 Catharine MacKinnon University of Michigan Law School "Women's World, Men's States"
Fall 2003 Quentin Skinner University of Cambridge "Three Concepts of Liberty"
Spring 2003 President Lee C. Bollinger Columbia University "Democracy & The University"
Fall 2002 Daniel Bell Harvard University "Athens and Jerusalem: The Twin Foundations of Western Civilization"
Spring 2002 President George Rupp Columbia University "Kant and Contemporary Civilization"
Fall 2001 Jonathan Spence Yale University "China and the West: Cultural Contacts, Cultural Collisions"
Spring 2001 Jerome Schneewind Johns Hopkins University "How to Be Happy Though Good: Three Views"
Fall 2000 Anthony Grafton Princeton University "Starry Messages: Galileo Rewrites the book of the Heavens"
Fall 1999 Alexander Nehamas Princeton University "Culture, Art and Poetry in The Republic"
Spring 1999 Gary Wills Columbia University "Politics, Psychology, and Sex in The City of God"

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