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A club sport is an athletic team at Columbia not recognized on the varsity level as recognized by the NCAA. These teams compete against similar teams at other universities.

Columbia currently hosts 40 club sports as listed in the "club sports" category. Club Sports are open to all university students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni who have access to the Dodge Fitness Center. Clubs are organized on recreational, instructional, and competitive levels, and their activities range from informal play to regular practice or instruction, to intercollegiate and tournament competition.


Club Sports at Columbia are funded jointly by the Athletics Department and Student Development and Activities (SDA). Student activity fees collected by SDA are given to the Club Sports Governing Board (CSGB) each spring, which, in turn, allocates the money to the different clubs.

Program structure

Club Sports is very unique from other athletic organizations on campus because it is completely student run and controlled. Governing the program is the Club Sports Assembly which consists of representatives from all club sports. The Assembly is led by the CSGB (Club Sports Governing Board). Each Assembly member is responsible for reporting back to the officers of each individual club sport. The officers of each club governs over each individual club sport, which then hires or contracts other employees.


Sport Club Varsity-level equivalent (for reference)
Aikido Columbia Aikido Club
Archery Columbia University Archery Club Archery Team
Badminton Columbia University Badminton Club
Ballroom dancing Columbia University Ballroom Dance Team
Bowling Columbia University Bowling Club
Brazilian jiu-jitsu Columbia University Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club
Capoeira Columbia University Capoeira Club
Cycling Columbia University Cycling Team
Equestrianism Columbia University Equestrian Club
Figure skating Columbia University Figure Skating Club
Goju-ryu karate Columbia University Kon-Do Goju-Ryu Karate Club
Hiking Columbia University Hiking Club
Ice hockey Columbia University Men's Ice Hockey Club

Columbia University Women's Ice Hockey Club

Kayaking Columbia White Water Kayak Club
Kendo Columbia University Kendo Club
Lacrosse Columbia Men's Lacrosse Club
Kung fu Columbia Kung Fu Club aka Moy Yee Kung Fu
Racquetball Columbia University Racquetball Club
Running Columbia University Road Runners
Rock climbing Columbia University Rock Climbing Club
Rugby Columbia University Rugby Football Club
Sailing Columbia University Sailing Team
Shotokan karate Columbia University Shotokan Karate Club
Skiing Columbia University Ski Team
Swing dancing Columbia University Swing Dancing Club aka CU Swing
Table tennis Columbia Table Tennis
Tae Kwon Do Columbia University Tae Kwon Do Club
Tennis Columbia University Tennis Club
Triathlon Columbia University Triathlon Club
Ultimate frisbee Columbia University Ultimate Frisbee Team
Volleyball Columbia Volleyball Club Volleyball Team
Water polo Columbia Men's Water Polo Team

Columbia Women's Club Water Polo