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Course registration is the process of signing up for courses to take the following semester.


In selecting your courses, the following websites are particularly useful:

  • Bulletin - list of all classes offered by Columbia
  • Directory of Classes - details for the courses you found in the bulletin, including time, place, professor, seats available, any cap on seats, etc. (the information in the bulletin usually lags a few days)
  • Vergil - Columbia-approved course scheduler you can directly import into SSOL
  • ADI Courses - interactive schedule builder that helps you create a shareable and customizable schedule
  • CULPA - for professor reviews (the best professors are highlighted as "gold")
  • WikiCU - the following pages may help:

You should also remember to take into account:

  • your school's requirements, for example:
  • your major's requirements

Further tips:

  • Keep in mind that when you actually register for classes, some of the courses you have selected may be full. Leave some room for flexibility in your schedule so that you can easily select another class section if your top choice is full.

How to actually register

Students can register for courses via the following options:

  • online via SSOL
  • by phone using a pin code found on SSOL (not sure if this is still a valid method?)
  • via the fire-breathing Registrar.

You can use SSOL to determine the date & time of your registration appointment.

The waitlist

All non-Core classes now have a waitlist feature that allows you to be added to the class automatically when people drop it. By default, the waitlist is first-come first-served, though instructors often modify the feature to prioritize seniors and majors. On the final day of registration, all waitlists are disabled, and registration becomes the free-for-all that it was before 2014. It's occasionally worth waiting until the last day to take advantage of this if you're an underclassman with no hope.

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