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Welcome Columbia Class of 2019! You've clearly stumbled across our nascent Columbia Wiki, which is a work in progress. Numerous editors and contributors are working hard to populate this wiki with a number of useful, insightful, informative, and generally helpful articles.

For now please post questions on the talk page if you don't find what you're looking for here. An editor or contributor will do his or her best to answer your query with our collective knowledge as soon as we find time. See you at NSOP! (Or CUE/COOP if you're really smart!)

To get started, you might want to read some advice for prefrosh.

Things to Learn

Columbia has 3 undergraduate schools of its own and 1 affiliated college:

  • Columbia College (CC), a coeducational liberal arts college of arts and sciences.
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), the engineering and applied sciences school, which is strongly integrated with CC
  • School of General Studies (GS), the school for "nontraditional" students whose education has been interrupted and other students with unusual backgrounds, including students of JTS and UTS. GS students are generally older than those in CC and SEAS, have life experiences to match, and live in off-campus housing.
  • Barnard College (BC), the women's college across the street from Columbia. It has an ambiguous relationship with Columbia and the three undergraduate schools. Barnard is an independent school in partnership with Columbia, and it has its own administration, faculty, student body, and campus. Columbia and Barnard students may take classes on both campuses, eat in each others' dining halls, and be part of each others' clubs and sports teams.

The undergraduate schools have different relationships to each other:

Student life

Pre-arrival and arrival


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