East Campus tunnel system

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The East Campus tunnel system connects Wien Hall, East Campus, Faculty House, Greene, the International Affairs Building, and the International Affairs Extension. The main tunnel of interest connects the Wien Basement with East Campus B3, but access is restricted to the point where you can't really get anywhere interesting.

The Center for Career Education takes up most of the south side of EC B3, and looks like it's been walled off from IAB and from the north side of the building. There are several street-level exits from here for handicapped access.

International Affairs Extension houses Facilities offices, making it very unwise to try to travel west from EC.

Entry points

  • If you have the elevator key, you can enable access to B2 and B3 from the East Campus residence (and vice-versa).
  • From the east side townhouses, you can exit from the bottom stairs into B2, which is the handicapped entrance at the Wien courtyard level.
  • You can navigate from Wien B to EC B3, but this only leads out onto the street through a one-way door.
  • The B3 entrance to EC is open during moving season, and the elevator is enabled, but security and facilities are always posted there, for obvious reasons.