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Facebook, originally founded as The Facebook, is essentially 'procrastination central'. The site was started by a Harvard student, just for us Ivy League brats. Eventually it now been opened up to any and every member of the unwashed hoi polloi. Eventually it grew past its roots in school networks into a general social network.

Facebook launched at Harvard on February 4th, 2004. Columbia was added to the list of schools on February 25th, followed by:

Columbians initially resisted the Harvard Friendster clone, with a vocal group preferring the more interactive CUCommunity. In fact, the spring of 2004 bore witness to the CUCommunity-Facebook War. However, following the massive influx of the Class of 2008 onto Facebook as soon as they got their UNIs, resistance collapsed and Columbia meekly assimilated into the Crimson beast. Subsequently, Facebook survived challenges from a number of competing sites, including CUCommunity's successor, CampusNetwork. By Spring 2005, Facebook was enough of a fixture of campus life to merit a song in the 111th Varsity Show, "Whatever I Can Get."

Adverse effects of Facebook use

Certain types of Facebook use are toxic to the spirit and soul[1][2][3][4].

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