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The year of 2013 in the history of Columbia football was certainly one for the books, if the books were about all the different ways a group of people could be crappy.

During finals season in May, Chad Washington, CC'15, Columbia's defensive lineman, was charged with a hate crime. Later that week, WKCR found a bunch of gross racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets by several members on the team. Without a proper name, it has gone down as the straightforwardly titled "Football bigotry scandal 2013."

To make matters even better, that fall, the football team sucked. Like, really sucked, like 0 wins sucked.

Both Chad Washington and Tom Callahan were still on the team, despite the spring's scandal. The team had to go through an Under1Roof-style training session in August, through which they apparently chuckled. Freshmen also have to go through some sort of sensitivity training and adaptation to real-life scheduling. In late October, two of their best players, Marcorus Garrett and Paul Delaney, were suspended from a game for disciplinary reasons[1]. Typically, no one would officially learn what those disciplinary reasons were, but we can all use our imaginations.

But the people were not happy about those 0 wins. Bwog banned all coverage of the team[2]. Spec couldn't figure out how to put a positive spin on the season[3]. Alums called for protests[4].

Finally it got to the point where Bollinger had to make a rare statement, writing a letter to the editor to Spec[5] where he shouted his support for the unsupportable coach Pete Mangurian and Athletic Director M. Dianne Murphy. At the end of a winless season--their 6th winless season ever, rivaling the dismal 1983-1988 losing streak--neither Murphy nor Mangurian were fired.