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The Columbia Inter-Greek Council (IGC) is the governing board for Columbia fraternities and sororities that oversees Columbia Greek life’s three councils: the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, and the Panhellenic Council. The IGC provides guidelines and support to Columbia’s 28 Greek organizations. It also works on initiatives for the greater Columbia community.

The IGC lists upcoming Greek events that are open to all Columbia students in the "Announcements and Events" section of the Columbia Greek Life website. The section is updated every Friday with Greek life announcements and upcoming events for the week. The IGC encourages all members of the community to participate in Greek events.

The Columbia Greek Life websitealso lists information on individual chapter's service & philanthropy work, contact information, recruitment information, and history & mission.

Since 2012, the Inter-Greek Council has released annual reports detailing achievements in academics, philanthropy, and charity work.[1][2]

In response to the spring 2013 ZBT hazing scandal, the IGC issued a directive to groups not to talk with media[3]. At the time of the directive, sent in the form of an unofficial email to chapter presidents, no information was released or definitively known on the topic. This is a standard public relations practice.


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