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The Kent tunnel system is a series of tunnels connecting Fayerweather Hall (door seems locked, but just push/pull hard), St. Paul's Chapel, Philosophy Hall, Kent Hall, sometimes Hamilton Hall (generally accessible during daytime only).

This system is good for beginners since it's quite clean and well-lit. It's also pretty easy to access, since it's one of the few tunnels that is officially considered to be open to public use. You will sometimes see people using it in the daytime to get from Hamilton to Kent and Philosophy.

For a slightly more intense adventure, venture to the machinery-filled room to the north of this tunnel and work your way into Fayerweather, or climb up a ladder that you'll find in a room on the west side which takes you into the Buell Hall crawlspace. This tunnel is believed to be as old as Buell itself, meaning it would be one of the original mental institution tunnels.

Entry points

  • From Hamilton, Kent, or Philosophy, you need only walk to the bottom floor of the buildings. In Hamilton, there is a set of double doors on the College Walk side of the building which may be propped open. In Kent, just take the elevator straight down. And in Philosophy, go through the yellow door which is right in front of you when you come down the stairs - it's always open.
  • You can get to Fayerweather by going through the machinery-filled room north of the locked door that leads to St. Paul's Chapel. Usually the doorknob doesn't turn, but if you push/pull on the door, it opens.
  • You may exit through St. Paul's Chapel by going up the small staircase and opening the door. You can't enter this way though. It says that it is fire extinguisher storage and there is "no exit" on the outside of the door.
  • Also accessible from the system is a very small, very hot, and very dangerous crawlway to Buell Hall: the Old Mental Institution Tunnels. This is the campus's oldest tunnel, a remnant of the old mental asylum which formerly occupied the area (as is Buell Hall/La Maison Francaise itself).
  • In addition the Fayerweather ventilation shaft is accessible from the bottom of Fayerweather