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This page is a list of tunnels.

Mudd/Uris/Havemeyer tunnel system

One steam tunnel system connects Mudd Hall, Uris Hall, Dodge Fitness Center, and Havemeyer Hall, and is generally considered the easiest to access. These tunnels contain old rail track that was used to transport coal for heating. They also contain the "Signature Room," where one can find many quotes and names left by previous tunnelers. As with all tunnels on campus, these contain many more secrets for students to discover. This tunnel system also used to connect to the first floor of Pupin Hall, but that way was blocked in the 1990s.

Until the Summer of 2003, the first floor of Pupin was virtually untouched from the last days of the Manhattan Project. Notes and daily logs scattered dusty tables. Half-completed experiments sat in stasis, only visible to the few explorers who got in. Since 2003, the first floor has been cleaned out, and is now mostly empty. However, one of the first cyclotrons remains, though it is difficult to access.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this tunnel system seems to have been made obsolete by the chiller plant expansion: . This means there is even more risky power house goodness to explore. -BR

Other tunnel systems

Another tunnel system connects Havemeyer Hall, Math Hall, Lewisohn Hall, and the Miller Theater.

A tunnel between Butler Library and Low Library is rumored to exist, but no evidence of such a tunnel has ever been found. Any entrance to this tunnel from Butler Library is well hidden or heavily locked, and the Low Library entrance would be next-to-impossible to find given that Campus Security is based on the first floor.

There is no tunnel to the Barnard campus (except that you can just walk through the subway station), and almost definitely none to East Campus.

Inaccessible tunnels

Buell to Low

This passageway does exist, but it's a tiny crawlspace filled with steam pipes that are hot to the touch. It probably also contains asbestos. You can see it from the Kent-Buell passage, but the way to it is blocked. Don't even think about climbing over the pipes, because if you try, you'll burn yourself badly. These pipes, like all the pipes in the Buell crawlspace, don't have any sort of insulation on them - which is why it's always hot as Hades in there.

UPDATE: You can climb over the pipes, but the passage ends with a cinder-block wall after you crawl about 100 feet. Be wary that the way back out will require crawling in reverse until it opens up enough to turn around. -BR

Unconfirmed/speculated tunnels

  • Mental Institution Foundation tunnel. Apparently, these tunnels can be found beneath the lower level of the Old Powerhouse.
  • Butler to Low tunnel

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