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Statue of "Letters" by Charles Keck, on the southern pylon of the Broadway Gate

Pylons grace both sets of the 116th Street gates.

Prior to Dwight Eisenhower's donation of 116th Street and its subsequent closing to traffic and conversion to College Walk, they were freestanding pillars. They have since been incorporated into the gates.

The pylons on the Broadway Gates were donated by alumni, and feature statues dedicated to the Arts and the Sciences.

The Amsterdam Avenue pylons were erected at a later date by the Trustees and feature no statues, though they mirror the Broadway pylons in all other respects, including a pedestal space where a statue would fit if someone were to donate money for it. The Amsterdam pylons are dedicated to Theodore Dwight and George Pine.

Class of 1900 Pylon

Underneath the Broadway Pylon donated by the Class of 1900 are the entirety of the classes records and some money too apparently.[1]


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