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The Core Endowment, occasionally referred to as The Endowment for the Core, is an imaginary $100 million dollars intended to ensure the future of the Core Curriculum. The idea is that, since the Core is very expensive (and also mostly about books), for its future to be secure it needs money that cannot be spent on anything else.

In October of 2011, Professor Andrew Delbanco warned that "[b]loated class size … threatens to erode the distinction between the discussion and lecture class sizes." Accordingly, he said that it was “time for the university to put its money where its mouth is” and endow the Core [1].

The idea of the Core Endowment was seriously talked about amidst the furor of Moodygate. Deantini said he wanted to do it in May 2012[2], though he hasn't talked about it since then.

After students and alumni cooled off about Moodygate, administrators cooled toward the Core Endowment.

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