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Upperclassmen housing for undergraduates at Columbia is available in every Housing Services building with the exception of John Jay and Carman. Furnald is open only to sophomores.

These housing options are assigned via the Room Selection process.

Upperclassmen housing at Columbia typically falls into one of three categories as detailed below.

Hallway dormitory

These are the classic college dormitories. Rows of singles and doubles lining a hallway. Typically each floor shares a common area, bathrooms, and sometimes a kitchen. The defining characteristic is that you don't have any say over who else is living on your floor. Hallway dormitories include:


These are self-contained units that you live in with friends. They range in size from 2-person to 8-person and generally have their own bathroom, kitchen, and sometimes a common area/living room. These are generally among the most sought after arrangements since you get to share your living quarters with a group of friends and no one else, and there's minimal, if any, supervision from Resident Advisers etc. Buildings include:


These are dormitories that are laid out somewhat like suites, with a smaller number of rooms sharing a bathroom and kitchen and common area, but unlike with true suites, rooms are picked into individually rather than all together. Buildings include: