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Built 1900
(converted 1994)
Population 162
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Woodbridge is a quiet residence hall on the corner of Riverside Drive and 115th St. Woodbridge houses many juniors, but the percentage of seniors has been rising. Originally called Columbia Court, it was renamed for Columbia philosophy professor Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge.

It was originally built in 1900 to a design by Rankin and Prudin.


Most students turn the apartments into a walk-through double by having one person live in the living room and the other in the bedroom. This is less attractive for the apartments where you have to walk through one of the rooms to get to the bathroom. Also, screens are probably the most substantial division you could build.


  • 21 high demand (H/K/C-line) apartments for 2
  • 20 low demand (G/D/I-line) apartments for 2
  • 40 other apartments for 2


  • H line is great. Rooms are big and easy to divide. Every room has a window facing the river
  • Good views from outer apartments
  • Private kitchen and bathroom


  • Not much interaction between residents
  • Two-pronged electrical sockets
  • Relatively poor sound insulation


Floor plans


<googlemap lat="40.808267" lon="-73.966229" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.808267, -73.966229, Woodbridge residence hall </googlemap>

Building address

431 Riverside Dr.
New York, NY 10025

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