548 West 113th Street

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548 West 113th Street
548 West 113th Street.jpg
Built (Converted in 2009)
Renovated 2010
Population 17
University Residence Halls
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548 W. 113th St is a brownstone residence hall located on 113th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. It's also sometimes known as Symposium. The building was originally owned by University Apartment Housing, but was purchased by Housing Services in 2009 to house undergraduate students from Columbia College and SEAS.

For its inaugural year, the building was home to new transfer students who were assigned over the summer. However, in spring 2010, the building became the only brownstone available to pick during room selection, allowing juniors to pick into the spacious studio doubles that much resemble those of Watt Hall.

Floor Plans

<gallery> Image:548w113 base.jpg|Basement (1 double) Image:548w113 1.jpg|1st Floor (1 double, 1 single) Image:548w113 2.jpg|2nd Floor (2 doubles) Image:548w113 3.jpg|3rd Floor (2 doubles) Image:548w113 4.jpg|4th Floor (2 doubles)