Carlton Arms

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Carlton Arms
Carlton Arms.jpg
Built 1905
(Converted ?)
University Residence Halls
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The Carlton Arms is a residence hall with suites for undergraduates, students in the Combined-Plan, students in the School of General Studies, as well as transfer students and students without guaranteed housing. It is located on 109th St and Riverside Drive. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it was announced that infected students would be isolated in Carlton Arms.



Each suite has two bathrooms with two sinks, two stalls, and a shower.


No AC, but the heating is aggressive. Many rooms have multiple windows, some of which open to the Hudson, so a few well-placed fans can enhance the natural airflow and get your room cool.


Each suite has a centrally-located lounge, though there’s not a communal one for the whole floor.


Each suite has one kitchen with an oven, microwave, fridge, stove, and ample cabinet space.


In the basement of the building, only accessible through an elevator. Normal busy-ness.

Fire escapes

There are fire escapes that are accessible but you’re not allowed to go on them.

Bike storage

In the basement


In the first-floor lobby.


Small gym on the top floor with a treadmill and some lifting equipment.


Two elevators that are decent.


Rooms have hardwood, the rest of the suite has carpet.


Suites have anywhere from 4 to 10 rooms. The building has 25 singles and 53 doubles. Transfer students, SEAS combined plan (3-2) students, graduate students, and even a few “regular people” (i.e. non-Columbia students) live here alongside undergrads.

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