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Amsterdam Avenue is the main avenue to the east of the Morningside Heights campus. It is mostly lined by institutional buildings owned by Columbia, as well as St. John the Divine and St. Luke's Hospital. Amsterdam Avenue is considerably less active and commercial than Broadway, although an increasing number of businesses have opened on the avenue in recent years, especially north of 120th Street.

Across from campus

Few businesses line Amsterdam directly across from campus. Among them are Hamilton Deli and Camille's.

South of campus

Several restaurants can be found on Amsterdam Avenue to the south of campus, including 1020, Bengal Cafe, Columbia Cottage, Hungarian Pastry Shop, and Strokos.

Beyond Morningside Heights, Amsterdam runs through a mostly Hispanic neighborhood until reaching 96th Street. South of 59th Street, it becomes 10th Avenue.

North of campus

To the north of campus, Amsterdam Avenue is also populated by several restaurants, such as Amsterdam Cafe, Max Cafe, Max Soha, Panino Sportivo, Radio Perfecto, and Subsconscious. Other business include Ivy League Stationers and Village Copier.

Further to the north, Amsterdam plunges down the hill toward 125th Street and into Harlem, then it heads uphill again toward the campus of CCNY.