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Phi Gamma Delta
Abbreviation: FIJI
Org Founded: 1848 at Jefferson College
CU Chapter: Omega
Chapter Established: 1866
Motto: "Φιλοτης Γλυκυτατη Δυναστεια"

Friendship, the sweetest influence

Symbol(s): Star Diamond
House: None
Recognition: IFC

Phi Gamma Delta, Omega chapter, is one of the fraternities recognized by the Interfraternity Council. The fraternity more commonly goes by its nickname FIJI. Founded in 1866, the Omega chapter of FIJI is one of the oldest Greek organizations at Columbia (only Alpha Delta Phi is older).

In spring 2016, spring 2017, and spring 2018 the chapter earned a 5 star ALPHA Standards of Excellence rating and was designated as the highest scoring chapter in the Inter-Greek Council with a perfect score. The chapter also earned achievement awards in community service (presented to chapters that complete over 20 service hours per member) and campus involvement (presented to chapters where over 60% are involved in another campus activity).

Service & Philanthropy

FIJI’s national philanthropy is the United Service Organization (USO). USO is a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families.

About Columbia FIJI

Columbia had previously hosted one of the original chapters of the fraternity, having been founded as "Omega Chapter" in 1848.

Omega FIJI was "indisputably the most socially active fraternity on campus, providing generations of its Brothers and their guests a veritable oasis of cordial camaraderie, a revivifying outlier of genial companionship in the otherwise aridly inaffable wasteland that was, for far too long, the social desert that was Columbia."

It was reinstated into Columbia's Greek system after being suspended for seven years for "behavior that was not consistent with the standards of the Greek community" (aka the "high crime of tossing back a couple of cold ones"). [1]

Despite being one of the only fraternities on campus without permanent housing, having lost its previous and long established home at 538 West 114 Street, the Columbia chapter "continues to operate and has succeeded in maintaining its membership."

In 2016, the Omega chapter of FIJI held its 150th anniversary in Low Library. According to the Office of Student Life, this was the largest event hosted by a student organization in Columbia history.




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