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The Lionel Trilling Seminars are a series of seminars delivered each academic year on areas of study ranging from literature and society, art and politics, psychoanalysis and culture, to education. Each seminar features a prominent scholar in a given field delivering a talk and two respondents.

The seminars were established in 1976 in memory of Professor Lionel Trilling, and are on areas of study in which he was active.

Originally the series consisted of three seminars a year, but has since been reduced to two, one each semester.

The seminars have been sponsored at various times by Columbia College, the Heyman Center, and supported by gifts from Prof. William Theodore de Bary and his wife, Daniel and Joanna Rose, and William H. and Weslie R. Janeway.

Year Speaker Discussants Speech
2006 - 2007 Orlando Patterson (Harvard) Eric Foner (Columbia); Saidiya Hartman (Vanderbilt) The Perils of Freedom in America (Canceled)
Hermione Lee (Oxford) Andrew Delbanco (Columbia); Jean Strouse (NYPL) The Hum and Buzz of Implication:Biography and Edith Wharton
2005 - 2006 Michael Fried (Johns Hopkins) Diarmuid Costello (Oxford Brookes); Gregg Horowitz (Vanderbilt) Wall and Wittgenstein: Photography and the Everyday
Gordon Wood (Brown) Harry Harootunian (NYU); Robert Ferguson (Columbia) Does History Teach Any Lessons?
2004 - 2005 Wai Chee Dimock (Yale) Gayatri Spivak (Columbia); Mary Louise Pratt (NYU) Epic and Novel on Four Continents
2003 - 2004 Stephen Greenblatt Svetlana Alpers; Leonard Barkan
2001 - 2002 Brian Stock (U. of Toronto) Robert Darnton (Princeton); Thomas Flanagan (UC Berkeley) [1]
1998 - 1999 Ian Buruma Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia); Sean Wilentz (Princeton)
Quentin Skinner (Cambridge) Ted Cohen; Phillip Pettit
1997 - 1998 Richard Taruskin Lydia Goehr, Walter Frisch
Hans Belting Richard Brilliant, Arthur Danto
1996 – 1997 Abba Eban Adam Michnik; Jack Snyder
Stephen Holmes Mark Lilla (Columbia); Ira Katznelson (Columbia)
Michael Scammell Maria Todorova; Mark Von Hagen
1995 - 1996 Louis Menand Alan Brinkley; Andreas Huyssen
Daniel P. Moynihan Richard Epstein (Chicago); Brian Urquhart (United Nations) [2][3]
Randall Kennedy George Fletcher; Manning Marable (Columbia)
1994 - 1995 Andrew Gurr John Orrell; Michael Warren
Bernard Bailyn (Harvard) Eric Foner (Columbia); Dorothy Ross (Johns Hopkins) Context in History [4]
Thomas Nagel (NYU) Susan Haack (Miami); Richard Shweder (Chicago) Relativism and Reason [5]