Morningside Hates (114th Annual Varsity Show)

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Morningside Hates was the 114th annual Varsity Show. It was performed in Roone Arledge Auditorium in May 2008. The title is a play on Morningside Heights referencing recent hate crimes, in case you were too stupid to figure that out.

Because of its references to these and other current events of the past school year (including the 2007 hunger strike and the visit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), the show was one of the best received in recent memory [citation needed]. Student criticism focused on the lack of diversity within the cast, which they argued was reflected in the storyline.


Whether it’s school, their peers, or of course, Barnard, there’s nothing Columbia students love more than finding something to hate. So when optimistic Cornell transfer David meets idealistic Barnard eco-rep Lizzy, the penchant for positive thinking that sets them apart from the rest of campus draws them closer to each other.

After a “bias incident” at Columbia’s all-female counterpart, however, head of Public Safety James McShane attempts to consolidate control over Barnard’s campus. When President Judith Shapiro realizes that this is more about hate and less about crime, she bites back, setting off a bitter conflict that pits the two schools against each other.

As Barnard stands her ground and Columbia refuses to give in, David and Lizzy struggle to stay together, finding it harder than they expected to keep cool in the hate-wave.

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