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Housing Services
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Location 125 Wallach Hall
Phone 212-854-2779 (H-APPY)
Hours M-F 9-5
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Columbia Housing, née Housing Services, née University Residence Halls (URH), administers undergraduate housing for CC/SEAS. It is based in several offices in Hartley and Wallach, with the main office for room assignments at 114 Hartley Hall. It is headed by Joyce Jackson, Executive Director, who reports to Scott Wright, the Vice President of Campus Services.

Residence halls


Like many departments at Columbia, Housing is divided into several sub-units. The two that students interact with most frequently is Housing Operations and Housing Assignments. The Assignments Office is where students with issues about their room assignment should go for help. The Operations Office is located in 118 Hartley Hall, just behind the Hospitality Desk. The Operations Office is the go-to point for students who need help with facilities issues, such as malfunctioning lights or a clogged drain.

Columbia has 18 undergraduate residence halls in an area bounded by Riverside Drive, Morningside Drive, 110th St, and 119th St. The residence halls accommodate roughly 5,200 beds. First-year students usually live in one of the residence halls situated around South Lawn: Hartley, Wallach, John Jay, Furnald, or Carman. Upperclass students may also live in Hartley and Wallach, which are collectively part of the Living and Learning Center (LLC), through a highly selective application process. Other upperclassmen participate in a housing lottery. Rising sophomores may also live in Furnald if their lottery numbers are good enough. The other upperclassmen students can choose, in order of class seniority and a random lottery number, among Broadway, East Campus, 47 Claremont, Harmony, Hogan, McBain, River, Ruggles, Schapiro, 600 W 113th St, Watt, Wien, and Woodbridge. The best housing options, usually only available to seniors, are considered to be a townhouse in East Campus, a studio apartment in Watt, or a suite in Hogan.

In addition to the 18 residence halls, Housing also oversees the Columbia-owned Brownstones on 113th, 114th ("Frat Row"), and 115th Street which are occupied by Fraternities, Sororities, and Special Interest Communities. The only two Frat Row brownstones not owned by Columbia are the Beta Theta Pi house and Alpha Delta Phi house.

List of residence halls

Residence hall map

600 West 113th Street, Broadway, Carman, East Campus, 47 Claremont, Furnald, Harmony, Hartley, Hogan, John Jay, McBain, River, Ruggles, Schapiro, Wallach, Watt, Wien, Woodbridge

Room Selection

Rising sophomores, rising juniors, and rising seniors select their rooms in the annual Room Selection process, also known as the Housing Lottery. In deciding where to live, you should consider housing factors, and also housing strategies that may help you in the room selection process.

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